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Unveiling Funktown Library for Kontakt - Your Gateway to Pop and R&B Harmony


  • Welcome to Funktown Library for Kontakt
  • A treasure trove of 120 harmonic progressions tailored for pop and R&B producers
  • Designed to complement your creativity with exceptional sound and versatility

S: The Essence of Funktown

  • Crafted for Kontakt, Funktown Library delivers the essence of pop and R&B harmony
  • Draw inspiration from a collection of 120 carefully curated harmonic progressions
  • Seamlessly integrated to elevate your music production experience

: Compatibility and Integration

  • Compatible with Kontakt, ensuring a seamless integration into your production workflow
  • Easily load Funktown Library and start exploring a world of harmonic possibilities
  • User-friendly interface for quick and efficient navigation

: Harmonic Progressions

  • Dive into 120 rich and diverse harmonic progressions
  • Tailored for pop and R&B genres, offering a wide range of emotions and moods
  • Instantly add depth and sophistication to your music with professionally crafted progressions

: Liquid Night VST Comparison

  • Similar to Liquid Night VST, Funktown Library boasts comparable harmonic progressions
  • Enhance your sonic palette with familiar, yet unique, harmonic structures
  • Perfect for producers seeking the next level in pop and R&B composition

Sound Quality

  • Immerse yourself in the exceptional sound quality of Funktown Library
  • Each progression meticulously recorded and engineered for pristine audio
  • Elevate your productions with the clarity and richness that your music deserves

: Effects Section

  • Explore the four integrated effects to shape and customize your sound
    • Reverb: Add depth and space to your harmonies
    • Delay: Create intricate and atmospheric textures
    • Modulation: Infuse movement and character into your progressions


  • A live demonstration of Funktown Library in action
  • Witness firsthand how these harmonic progressions can transform your compositions
  • Experience the versatility and expressiveness that sets Funktown Library apart

User Testimonials

  • Quotes and feedback from producers who have integrated Funktown Library into their workflow
  • Hear how this library has elevated their music and streamlined their creative process

 Pricing and Availability

  • Affordable pricing options to make Funktown Library accessible to all producers
  • Available for purchase and instant download from our website
  • Stay tuned for special promotions and bundle offers


  • Funktown Library for Kontakt is your go-to resource for pop and R&B harmonic progressions
  • Elevate your music production with exceptional sound quality and creative possibilities
  • Unlock the potential of your compositions and make your mark in the world of music


  • Open the floor for questions and discussions
  • Connect with us on social media and share your Funktown experiences
  • Thank you for joining us on this journey of musical exploration!

Only for Kontakt full version 5.8+

                                                                                                                                             $ 6.00