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RnB Machine VST is a virtual instrument plugin that offers users a wide range of unique sounds for music production in any genre, especially geared towards R&B and Hip Hop. With its 187 exclusive sounds, the plugin allows users to create music with a variety of timbres, from electric pianos, synthesizers, strings, brass, among others.

Furthermore, the RnB Machine VST comes equipped with four fully programmable effects: Delay, Reverb, Chorus and Distortion. These effects can be adjusted by the user to create the desired feel and texture in your music productions.

The plugin also features a low pass and high pass cutoff filter that can be used to filter out specific frequencies, adding more control and flexibility to music production. ADSR controls (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release) allow users to customize the dynamics of the sound to ensure it meets their musical needs.

In short, RnB Machine VST is a powerful and versatile tool for music producers who want to create music in any genre, with a wide range of unique sounds and programmable effects features.

Technological innovations

Rnb Machine has many unique sounds that will satisfy all the most demanding producers. It comes with a section of exclusive harmonic progressions. You'll like

Professional tool

Cool! The inclusion of unique harmonic progressions is a big plus for the RnB Machine VST, and will certainly meet the needs of the most demanding music producers. With these unique progressions, users can create more complex and interesting musical arrangements, adding more variety and texture to their productions.

Harmonic progressions are an essential part of music production, helping to create the foundation for a song's melody and harmony. With RnB Machine VST's unique progressions, users can add additional layers of complexity and sophistication to their productions, helping to set them apart from other music in the same genre.

Overall, the inclusion of unique harmonic progressions is a huge advantage of the RnB Machine VST, and is sure to be a highly prized feature for music producers looking to create music with a variety of interesting textures and arrangements.

System Requirements:

Win 7+
Mac OS Sierra+